Friday, January 29, 2010

It's my last day so... Oh the memories.

For the past two years and some odd months, I have practically "lived" in Philadelphia. If you think about it, most of my waking hours were spent in Center City - not at home. So leaving it, though not too too sad, is still just a little sad.

There are actually so many things I am going to miss. Funnily enough, all of these things have nothing to do with work or what I (used to) do at work. I am going to miss the city environment - the things I would see every day, the place I would have lunch, my desk. So I am documenting my favorite things I will miss (and maybe one or two that I wont) around the city...

My Mornings
At least in the beginning, when it was still new and exciting, I really liked my commute to work. Before I started here, I was driving an hour to work in a car that I lovingly call Ghetto 1. She was awesome except for the fact that you could hear me coming from a mile away and no one wanted to actually get in Ghetto 1. So my taking the train was a lot better and I could read on the train. I did a count and in the past 2+ years, I have read over 200 books. Not only is that a lot of books and time but that's also a lot of money. And I wondered where my pay check went...

Anyways, the first picture is of my train stop in the morning and of where I stood because I am crazy anal like that and have to make sure I am standing on the platform exactly where the doors are going to be when the train stops. 
The second picture  is this weird statue I've seen every day. I look at it as a landmark for the street. "If you go past the naked people statue holding some of their naked kids, you've gone too far."

And the 3rd picture is my view of market street walking to my building. I really am going to miss working in the city...

My desk... and stuff 
So one thing I am definitely not going to miss is going to be the commute to my actual desk. I had to take two elevators. Do you know how annoying that is? Especially if you have to go to the bathroom? I would get on an express elevator that shoots you up to the 23rd floor and then get on a local elevator that goes from 23 to (in my case) the 35th floor. And for the past few months, all of the elevators would stop on the 24th floor - with no one getting on or off. I know this sounds like something stupid to complain about but when all you want to do is get up to your desk and the elevator stops for 10 seconds after one floor, it's kind of annoying.

However, I am disappointed that I will no longer have the chance to bring my brother-in-law on to the top floor of a "skyscraper." I hope he isn't traumatized by this becasue I know he really wanted to go. So sorry, James. 

Finally, I would get to my desk. I know win the past, I complained (a lot) about my desk but I really love it and I am going to miss it. I like to think of it (kind of) like a mini-college dorm room because seriously, I used it as a closet, a pantry, decorated it with memories of inside jokes and people I heart. I think at one point I had 9 pairs of shoes in my drawer. I found 4 scarves while I was packing everything up.

My desk was in prime location, too - no one could ever see me. There was never any foot traffic or reason for anyone to even come and walk by my desk. I even spent a half an hour one day making my awesome friend, Giles the $1 bill origami elephant. He is pretty awesome. I have to say being secluded made life a lot easier. I didn't annoy a large amount of people with my humming/singing which I do for about 6 hours out of the day. (If anyone from Banet reads this, no nothing has changed. The people that did sit around me because you used to get the full musical review a well.) Anyways, I am really going to miss my desk.

Just like in grade school - because I obviously haven't grow up that much - Lunch was my favorite time of the day. Like I have said in a previous post, I had some great lunch buddies. But on top of that, Center City really has some of the best food I have ever had and some of the best service, as well. Though, I don't know how good it is when the workers all know your name and what you are going to order even before telling them. (Billy Ray at DiBrunos, I will miss you most, I think.)

Qdoba, DiBrunos, ABP (both on 20th and at Liberty Place), Comcast Center... I am going to miss you. Comcast Center and DiBrunos - there are none of you in Boston and this makes me very sad. I think  I am going to have to mail order some of you spicy pasta, DiBrunos. Seriously, this is making me really sad.

The View
I have to say, one of the best things about working in this building was the view. This was something that never got old. From 35 stories in the air, I could see so much of the city.  From the window closest to me, I can see the stadiums. They are far away but I can still see them. From one of the other windows, it is like we are on top of Liberty One which I find funny because when you see pictures of the Philly skyline, I feel like my building and Liberty One look like they are miles apart. This is not so. The buildings are practically eating each other they are so close. And then there is the back window which has a great scene of my favorite parts of Philadelphia - Logan Circle, the Franklin Institute, and the Art Museum.

The ride home...
Ok, so I know I said that Lunch was my favorite part of the day but I think that was a lie because going home was definitely the best part of the day. The rush of everyone wanting to get home was a exciting because it meant that there was nothing to worry about - work wise - until tomorrow. It also meant that I go to read for 20 minutes while I was waiting for my train. And again, I have to make sure I was there 20 minutes before hand so I could stand exactly where the train doors would stop and open. (There were a few times I had to cool myself because people would try and push in front of me so they could be the first one. I would have none of this. This caused many passive aggressive fights.) I stood in this exact spot for well over a year and I am going to miss all of the crazy conversations I would hear while standing here. 

Well, that's about it. And I, of course, am going to miss many of the people I have seen day in and day out for the past 2 years. Most of them have been a pleasure to work with and I really hope that they know how much I am going to miss them. And how sorry I now feel for them because all of the humor just left the building. And if you are reading this and don't think I am very funny then just imagine how less funny it is going to be there when I leave. That's bad. 

Peace out (insert company name here). It's been a good run but now it is time for me to go and learn something new and move on to new experiences.Oh, I think I just realized I'm no longer part of a soap opera. YES!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Is this going to take forever?

Hello all of you who are awesome and read this.

So this is the first blog in a week because I have been seriously sick. I didn't get out of bed for 2 days - literally. I'm still not feeling up to par but at least I made an effort to come into work for 2 days this week (which isn't that bad when you think about having a 2 day work week [due to the MLK holiday]). And now I only have 5 more work days until I am officially released from this place. Bittersweet - more sweet than bitter.

But I have been thinking a lot these past few days as to how long this whole process of me actually getting a job and moving up to Boston is going to take. I have to say it is absolutely killing me that I am going to be sitting on my ass doing nothing when I could be sitting on my ass doing nothing in BOSTON. I mean, come on. Seriously. I think sitting on my ass in Boston actually has so many benefits.

1. I would actually have things to do - and not just sitting on my ass. I'll be in a brand new place so I'll need to do some exploring. I would need to figure out where things are - the grocery store, the hardware store, the Target, the best places to shop even though I will not be allowed to shop for anything except for the essentials (and no, this does not include trips to DSW because I own 43 pairs of shoe and if I have 43 pairs of shoes, buying more is not a necessity). But I would have things to do because I would  need to do things. At home, I know where I am because I have lived there for 25 years! And believe me, nothing has changed.

2. Nicole and Dan! I would be with Nicole and Dan - 2 out of my 4 favorite people. Life hanging out with them everyday is amazing - and interesting. I feel like we all may be creatures of habit, and within those habits, there are always crazy adventures - even if all we are doing is watching TV. I'm super psyched to be around the people I have missed so much in the past 2 years.

3. I wouldn't be reflecting on the things that bother the hell out of me about living in my current house. I wouldn't have the stress of living "at home" any more. I would finally have somewhere that I could call 1/3rd mine! And that is awesome. Love and Happiness is all I can think of when I think of having my own place (that is 1/3rd mine). **HOWEVER! The biggest downside to all of this is that my little baby PuppyJack cannot come with me. Seriously, people, my dog is super damn cute. And I am a little afraid that if I go away, he will be very angry that I left him and won't want to see me again. I know this is ridiculous but I just love him so much. SIGH**

But those are just three - THREE - reasons to move up there now. So, please, Mr./Mrs./Ms. employeer up there in the great state of Massachusetts,  give me a job so I can start to live my live. I would really appreciate it. Great. Thanks!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

(Ex) Team Elite

During my time at (insert company name here), I have met a lot of amazing people. (I've met a whole bunch of crappy people too but that's not what this particular blog posting is about today...).

I feel like I need to name two of my favorite people I have met during this time in my life - Danielle (right) and Shannon (left). Put us all together and we are the (ex) Team Elite.

Danielle, Shannon and I were all hired right around te same time and who knows why (age, experience, coolness factor) we were thrown in a group together. Me and Shannon basically worked on every project together. We were there for each other through it all - the destruction of bobble heads, the pulling out of hair, the (fake) suicide threats... I am sure there are so many more memories that I could name here, too.

Shannon was lucky and got out about a year ago - only eight months after her start date. But during the eight months we were all together, we were looked at as a team. When I was called into the office, most likely Danielle and Shannon were brought into the office. If was a crisis going on, the team of three was called upon to "put out the fires." Literally, this is what they said to us. That all changed one day and we were launched from the "Glitter Bucket" and plummeted into the "Poop Bucket" - or at least I went into the poop bucket. I don't think Danielle fell that far but I can't remember the name of the bucket she used to be in... (We used to have a chart.) Shannon found a hole in the bucket and slipped out but I've pretty much been stuck for over a year, which is why I'm glad I am finally leaving this crazy place.

So naturally, because we were lumped together, we spent a lot of time together - including eating lunch together almost every work day. Even after Shannon left, the three of us have gotten together at least once a month for lunch and to catch up.

And even though we were asked/told multiple times to "maybe eat lunch by yourself" or to try and keep it to once a week, we have still eaten lunch together almost every day. (I really couldn't have asked for a better lunch buddy... seriously. this is one of the saddest things about me leaving.)

Through all of the laughs, the tears, the inside jokes (so numerous I could never name them all [Wubs, ReRun, Drant, Drunkle]), these two ladies really made my life enjoyable while I've lived in this little cube for the past 2 years. Thanks guys, really, for always being there to hear me complain and to laugh at my amazing jokes. I heart you both lots.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What the hell am I going to do when I don't have to go to work anymore?

One thought that has been haunting me for a week now is all of the free time I am going to have once I leave here (and never come back). 

So I am trying to look at this as a way to improve myself. There are so many things I wish I could add to my resume (and not feel like I am lying about it). I don't like to lie (contrary to popular belief - I've grown up a lot) and I don't want to say I know how to do something and I get hired for a job where I then have to use that skill. I just think that is super embarrassing. 

Last night, I decided to see what kinds of classes Delaware County Community College has to offer. I have to say that there are about 4-5 classes I am seriously thinking about taking just because I think it would improve skills that I think I have already started to craft. I think that taking an actual class might help me learn a bit more than I have learned off hand. I'm think I might take a graphic design class, a web site creation class, and maybe even an HTML class. There's also an event planning class which might just be fun. 

While I was going through the course catalog, I found a few classes that just stood out among the rest.

1. iPod Tips and Tricks 
Ladies and gentlemen, if you own an iPod and don't know how to use it or you can't figure out how to make it work, I don't think you should have bought an iPod. Seriously, and iPod cannot be so difficult to use that you need to spend $88 (at most) to learn how to use it. If you are having a problem with your iPod, Google it! I bet you'll find your answer and the cost = free! Your iPod also comes with an instruction manual! AND you can go into the store! And call customer service! They are very helpful - even for the stupidest questions. There is no need to go and sit in a 4 hour class to learn what your iPod can do. And if you still feel like you need someone to explain how to use it, call me. I'll do it for free, too.

2. Blacksmithing
REALLY!!! I know this sounds weird, but really! I think I would entertain taking this class if I know what the hell I would use a skill like blacksmithing for.

It says in the description that I would learn how to create items like hinges and fireplace tools. Sad to say, all the doors in my house already have hinges and my fireplace is hooked up to the gas line. (No, those logs aren't real - they just have this magic heat thing that just makes them LOOK like they are really burning. Sorry about that one, Santa.)

To top it off, you are going to pay $335 at most to learn a skill that really can't get you anywhere in life. You would probably pay more for supplies than you would sell your creation for. And if you think about it this way, that's pretty much a Wii, a Wii Fit Plus, and a game. What are you going to get more out of?

3. Who you gonna call??
THE GHOSTBUSTERS! And once you take this class, you won't even have to call them anymore because you will have a certification of completion from the DCCC chapter of The Ghost Busters! I hear they might even try and get Peter Venkman to come to the graduation ceremony!

Ok, people. Yes, this does sound like a very cool class for those of us that like the paranormal. I'm not embarrassed to say I watch Paranormal State on A&E and Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel (even though that guy Zack is the biggest douche I have ever seen get his own TV show. Sometimes I have to turn it off because he is so cheesy). However, did you know that there are groups of people who do this for fun and for FREE?!? All over the place, there are groups of people that go out on investigations weekly and monthly. Again, Google is your friend! Use him/her. You can also get bing involved! AND if you watch these crazy addicting ghost shows enough, you'll pick up on the lingo and terms they use during an investigation. I think I have heard the definition of "EVP" about a million times by this point in my life. 

So, in conclusion, there are a lot of things out there for me to try. I'm actually really excited about learning something new and going back to a school like environment. (And since this is on a volunteer basis, I think there is only minimal possibility I would feel the need to skip, which I still think I should have won an award for in college.) Plus,  Donna's Live-In Boyfriend, Len, is also unemployed at the moment. If I don't get myself out of the house, I think we are going to be planning a funereal. HEY! Maybe if I take that event planning class, I'll be able to give him a killer "going away" party.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I guess I am stuck with the former?

For Christmas, D got me these really cute post-its. It's semi-ironic now, I guess.

I guess I am stuck with the former? Damn.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Only 12 more work days... hopefully

So, like I have said, I was told that I would need to stick around until March 5th if I wanted all of the benefits from this whole situation of getting laid off. Well, this is not the case.

This morning, I met with my (original) HR Rep so she could answer the questions that have burning a hole in my head since last Thursday. I do have to say, she was much nicer today. I guess she is just one of those people you have to say, "Listen. I know you probably don't mean it, but you are being very mean." Once I said that to her, it was like she turned into one of those infomercial ladies - super smiley, way too sweet, makes you want to punch them in the face. At least she was laughing at my jokes today. The crying must have put her off before.

Anyways, she was pretty informative and helpful. So I decided to ask about something that was being passed around the Rumor Mill  - that those who got the ax didn't really need to stay until March. And this is TRUE! If management thinks the person can leave earlier than that, the layoff-ee (?) will still receive all benefits and pay until March 5th.

When I heard this, I sat down with AP, my manager, and pretty much said that there is no way I have enough work to keep me occupied for 8 weeks. Plus, I don't think I would mentally be able to stay that long. Soooo I pretty much said I wanted my last day to be January 29th. In my brain, my last day is January 29th. In her brain, my last day is the 29th. However, she needs to go to talk to Director Man. Can I say I wouldn't be surprised if he said no out of spite?

Positives of the day:
  • One of my internal clients I worked with came over to my cube this morning and told me that he was really sad to see me go. This is pretty awesome because I think it is hard to find sincerely nice people that work here and it was super sweet. 
  • Went to Qdoba today for lunch with D and got double points for eating there on Tuesday. The Diet Coke and Lemon (DCw/L) was a high point.
Negatives of the day:
  • The thought of having to say goodbye to my Qdoba people is heart breaking. I feel that the fact that I don't really have to say what I want and Skippy NeckTats (D - is this how I need to spell this?) just starts making my little baby burrito is amazing and I am never going to find this service anywhere else. 
  • Thinking about not having lunch with D everyday. I think when you eat lunch with someone almost every single day for almost 2 years, it's a pretty sad knowing it is going to end.

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Awful day... and more to come

    So, now that I feel like I have prefaced what the day I found out about getting laid off was like, I feel like I should talk about how things have really been since that wonderful day.

    I know I might have my moments, but for the most part I would say that I am a pretty upbeat person. I try and find the good that come out of every bad situation. I remember my college professor asking how I could laugh at the bad things in my life when others would probably cry. The answer is easy: why cry when you can laugh and make other people laugh with your stories! I love that feeling. It's almost like a drug. Plus, if I don't laugh, I will cry and I'm really not that attractive when I cry.

    Anyways, as for the past 4 days, I feel like I am in limbo. Basically (and I don't know why), I got laid off but I have to stick around for two months. If there is any one out there that explain to me the purpose of this to me? I would really appreciate it. I am expected to work and fulfill all of my duties as I would do on a day where I know I'm not going to be unemployed in 57 days.

    I understand that I am getting extra time to find a job and still get paid, but seriously, they should just give me the money and let me go home. I am not in any state of mind to help them out when I feel like they are kicking me to the curb. It's like realizing you are in a bad relationship. Why stick around when they obviously don't want you?

    To top all of this off (and again I found out 5 days ago), Human Resources originally set a meeting with me to explain everything A WEEK after they tell me I am laid off. Am I being irrational? I was basically told I was being irrational for being upset that they weren't going to talk to me for a whole week. When I talked to HR Rep today, I said, "I'm not trying to make this all about me, but it should be all about me." They are the ones saying goodbye to me - not the other way around, no matter how much I wish that was the case.

    Negatives of the day? 

    • THE PITY STARES! To all of those who looked at me today like I'm a puppy that is now confined to one of those puppy wheelchairs, I'm not dead!
    Bonuses of the day?

    • My Manager (AP) is awesome. Very much on my side and totally supportive.
    • HR Rep's manager is meeting with me tomorrow. BOOM! Here is to hoping everything goes well.
    • AND we started looking at apartments today!!!! Can't wait for Boston. someone please give me a job there so I can get my life started?